Want a day of cool relaxation and the thrill of exploring? Then come to the Ape Caves, where darkness and adventure is around every bend!

Cracks and tiny caves are everywhere in this amazing place. Camel crickets live in those sort of places. They eat the cave slime or cave algae, they are sort of the maids of the cave keeping it nice.

Don’t confuse the slime with the stalactites. Along the cave walls you would see something that looks like drops, but it’s rock. What is it? It is remelt, a dripping lava that has cooled.

Another fascinating rock is something we like to call the meatball. Molten basalt got caught between two cooled lava flows, then fused with them, and now is stuck. (See diagram below.)

Something else that is somewhat similar to the meatball is the wind tunnel. It is a thin tunnel between two large caverns. The image explains it well. It wasn’t a strong gust, just a light breeze.

Contributed by the Lava Roses