The name Two Forests comes from there being two forests stacked, a layer of burned away forest molded in lava underneath a newer growth of trees. At the Trail of Two Forests we saw holes in the basaltic lava flow where trees left large wells in the ground due to the lava cooling around them. This area is so interesting because not only were standing trees molded but toppled trees also left horizontal molds in the lava. These horizontal molds left great tunnels underneath the surface big enough for people to crawl through, which helps give people an idea for how much lava flowed through this area. The ground’s appearance was that of Swiss cheese with holes so large it could fit people. There was a lot of moss growing instead of grass because there is a lack of dirt there. The lava was very intriguing in that it appears like cake batter being poured; it had a thick consistency but was still quite liquid. This texture allowed for pools of lava to be formed behind stacks of trees that had fallen in its path.