Lizzy’s experience: something we found interesting was how the waves traveled through the ground then bounced back. Also how the machine was able to still measure the waves through the sled.

Grace’s experience: one of the most interesting things was how the waves could travel through the ground but if there was an objects interfering it would change the direction of the wave.

Kristin’s experience: I had an interesting time watching a data readout on the machine we were using. I think I’d like to try using this on different surfaces to see how it changes things.

Ashley’s experience: My favorite experience on the trail was seeing Mt. St. Helens layers in detail right under our feet using the seismic equipment. Overall it was a very fun hike and fun to pull the equipment around for a short period of time.

Overall our geophysics experience, thanks to Andrew, was very interesting to see the layers of material beneath our feet we normally can’t see. Many people in our group were fascinated by how the radio transmitters use waves to travel through the ground and bounce back when they hit different substances. The layers at Mt St Helens are from eruptions that occurs hundred and thousands of years ago. One student, Kristin, wishes to explore more with the Geophysics technology they showed us to explore how different substances. A fun part of this experience was seeing how these seemingly inactive radios returning data to a monitor that explained the layers almost 20ft below our feet. The hike out to this research site was long but gorgeous, filled with mountain flowers, breathing taking views of Mt St Helens and many deposits from pyroclastic flows or air debris. It was an amazing experience that will stay with us forever and encourage future geologists.