Today, 8/5/15, the Crystal Hawks learned how GPS works and why it’s important to geologists. First we hiked around and tracked down seismometers mentors had placed the other day with handheld GPS’s. Then we actually set up a check for a set mark on the ridge. This mark doesn’t have a fancy monitoring station but instead relies on geologist checking on its movement every now and then. While we were setting up the GPS station it was fascinating how many little things you had to do to make it work. The best thing that I did today overall was sliding down a steep hill of pumice. One of the many reasons that geologist use GPS to monitor volcanoes is to track the slightest movements in the ground. Something really cool was how we got to go off the trails and see things most people don’t get to. Plus, the GPS could find all of the satellites that were so far away in seconds. We found it interesting how there were many stations that the USGS could monitor 24/7.