We were on our way to USGS from Cold Water, where we spent the night, and all of a sudden the car started making an awful noise. As Cat pulled over us girls wondered what was going on. Everyone got out of the car and walked over to the side of the car to find a flat tire. The gash in the tire didn’t look very promising. Kate, the lady who made all of this possible, pulled over to help us. We tried and tried but we just couldn’t get the tire off. We were about to call someone for help but thanks to Kayden, a camper, she was waving at the cars and seeing how many would honk at her. One of the trucks that drove by was a tow truck. He didn’t stop instantly. We girls walked over to the van to see if it was fixed. As we looked back, the truck driver pulled up to where our car was. An older man hopped out of the truck and walked over to us. “Is everything ok?” the man said. After Cat explained everything he went to grab our spare but guess what? It was also flat. The man pumped up our spare and put it on the car. So we want to give Bob, the truck driver, a very special thanks for helping us when he didn’t have to.

Contributed by the Lava Roses