GeoGirls at Mount St. Helens is a geology and technology field camp for middle school girls at Mount St. Helens. GeoGirls explore the volcanoes in their backyard, the hazards they pose to human population and the technology scientists use to monitor them.

This program is a collaborative effort between the Mount St. Helens Institute and the U.S. Geological Survey – Cascades Volcano Observatory along with partners from UNAVCO, Boise State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Washington, and Oregon State University.

The 2015 GeoGirls spent 5 days on and around Mount St. Helens. There were four groups, the Crystal Hawks, the Lava Roses, the Phreatic Phoenixes, and the Power Parrots. Each group contained 4-5 GeoGirls, one high school mentor, and two adult leaders. Each group was in charge of blogging about their activities each day. Those blogs are posted here.

For more info about GeoGirls, visit our web page. Applications for next year will open early Spring 2016!

We want to thank our sponsors for making this all possible! Thank you to AAUW, AWG, AEG, NSF and many private donors who gave through our website.